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Welcome to my little den of awesomeness. :]
Hope you like what you see! Don't be afraid to say hello! I won't bite...much. <3
I am now able to make t-shirts starring your favorite Lion King characters, OR your fursona!! T-shirts selling at $10 each. For more information message me at

Art Trades/Requests: Open
Commissions: Open
Support your local artist! Will draw anything you want for $3-$5 dollars :3 Just please be specific on what you want. Contact me at if you're interested, or just wanna chat :3

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Hey guys! I'm sure as you all know, I'm pretty new here o-o I've always had a fascination for the Lion King movies and would love to share my art with the rest of you wonderful people on here! I tend to have a mixture of different styles. Realism, semi-realism, and of course the TLK-style :D
Also, I would like to add that I try to keep all of my art and characters close to natural colors, meaning, you won't see any bright neon purple lion running around here anywhere :P So, that being said, I don't mind drawing whatever you want me to draw for you, but if you want to give me a character to use, please keep the colors realistic, or at least semi-realistic so he/she will get drawn frequently. I don't want any characters feeling left out :[ sooo...yeah. I think that's it xD
Enjoy!! <3
-Cookie :]

08:28 Fri 6/28/2013
Didn't write you a comment yet, so I just wanted to tell you that I Love your style!Beside the lines I also like the colors you use C:
I saw that you're accepting trades so I thought maybe we should do a trade sometime if you want :3

21:18 Mon 4/29/2013
Thank you =^_^=

19:56 Fri 4/12/2013
Hi! I saw tht you're accepting requests and I adore your style! I was wondering, if you had time, you draw a headshot of my fursona in your style?

If so here is the link-

10:15 Tue 4/2/2013
Welcome to the Archive :D

Awesome pictures so far :)

EDIT: Your Welcome :)

23:58 Sun 3/31/2013
Hello and welcome to the Archive! If you ever need anything or need to know anything, I'll be around x3

09:32 Sat 3/30/2013
hey there!

Nice work you got here :)

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