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Hey guys, I'm not dead, I'm just not drawing at the moment, lots of school to do. I'll upload when I can, thank you all for being patient with me!!

<font color="#56C5FF"><b>ZOMG! I HAVE 85 FANS! I love all of you so much!

Requests-Closed, unless your very special.
Trades-Canon are open, Non-Canon aren't.
Collabs-Catch me on sketcher.

(I get most of my brushes from
, as well as from Elestrial =])

Hey guys, forgive me for not uploading, year twelve is quite hard, but I promise to upload as much as possible =] Dont hate me if I havnt done a trade, I havnt forgotten, I'm just still doing it or am busy ^^"

Also, some people I'm close to for you to visit

<font color="#C37CFF">Trades

-Kopa and Mheetu
2.Lil' Tiger
-Canon redraw.

From now on
Am only doing three trades at a time. If you want a trade, please wait to ask until there is a place for you.

<b>I love this site, and currently my goals areeee:
-Get 100 fans.
-Improve as much as I can possibly can so I actually like my work 8]
-Get AotM
Hope I can get these things =]</b></font>

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Hello, Vitani995 here
I have 85 fans, can you believe it?!
I only started drawing lion king a while ago, but I've loved the movies forever.
My drawings are slowly progressing. I try to stay as canon as possible with a few exceptions.

Some things people say about me

That you are a very friendly artist with a cute art style, and a good personality. And you know how to cheer someone up when they are feeling down-Sumi

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