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<center><a href="">Deviantart</a>; | <a href="">Furaffinity</a>; | <a href="">Twitter</a><br><br><u>July 1, 2008:</u> I was first part of this site in 2001, and I left in 2004.<br><br><a href="">Cally</a>; came back, so I guess I'll come back too. XD Maybe I'll make some new cool friends like I did before. :O<br><br>I deleted all the comments on my profile. Clean slate time I guess.<br><br>It's hard to type with a bandaid on your pointer finger. D:<br><br>LOL I don't have a lot to upload since I don't draw much TLK type things anymore. :O I guess I could upload old things, but they hurt too much to look at. XD</center>

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20:36 Sat 8/1/2009
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20:29 Sat 8/1/2009

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Age/Birthday Nov 16, 1985 (age 33)
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Hi, I'm kind of a goofball.

I graduated from college last year, now I work in graphic design and illustration. I'm not as active here as I used to be, but I consider to be one of the biggest influences of my early art.

I do commissions, but not requests, and not usually trades unless I know you for like years and you're a friend type person or something.

Thanks for looking at my work, and thank you to the community at large for the inspiration I carried with me out of high school.

~Erika / Thrivis

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