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In the summer of 2006, I was staying at a friends house, and found out about TLKFAA. A year later, in 2007, I joined this wonderfull community under the name of JKgraphics. After about 2 years, I changed my name into Thanigraphics, a mix of Thani (a good friend of mine) and my former name.
The Lion King has been THE inspiration for me to get into drawing, it is so full of life lessons, wonderfull colours, lovely animation and a part of my life that I keep close.
It is now 10,5 years ago that I joined, and it feels good to be back after beeing almost gone for 2 years.

If you want to ask me anything, feel free! I'm a nice person :) Oh, and old. Very old. (31)

05:04 Fri 3/9/2018
(early) Congratulations with your birthday! ( for March 9 means Thanigraphics-day.)
I hope you'll enjoy your day where you can, and may it be a good one! :D

Roar deleted.

10:47 Tue 1/9/2018
Sukala A.P.
I really love your drawings, makes me feel like I'm looking at rare Lion King children's books. <3 Keep up the good work!

12:47 Mon 12/18/2017
You are a fantastic artist! Keep up the awesome work! Good luck to your artistic future! <3 I'm your greatest fan! -Popgirl986

13:36 Tue 5/17/2016
Hey hai, TG!

Hoe is het ermee? Hier gaat alles den gang, maar ik dien er wel bij te zeggen, dat ik de regelmaat van gesprekken onderling wel mis.

Maar ik neem aan dat je het druk hebt met voorbereiding van je nieuwe baan? Zo ja: Dan nog heel veel succes daarmee, en hopelijk wordt het een baan naar wens. :)

Maar natuurlijk hoop ik ook hier veel van je kunstwerken te mogen zien. :D Weet dat ze welkom zijn, zoals altijd.

Zelf dien ik ook es wat meer in het teken-ritme terug te zien komen.. Heb inmiddels weer voldoende ideeën, alleen die eeuwige angst om het niet zo goed mogelijk gelijkend te krijgen he.. Naja, je ken 't mischien nog wel. Maargoed, datgezegd, hou je haaks hé! Mvg, --Tabi.

10:52 Wed 7/30/2014
I love your artwork! Your so good at drawing!

16:37 Tue 11/5/2013
EDIT: I cant find Evi anywhere in your gallery... Can you send me a ref? :)

12:26 Tue 6/18/2013
Hello, your artwork is really good! I really like it, I'm definitely adding you to my Favorite artists!

14:21 Mon 5/20/2013
i keep looking at your art when you post, i think you have great art, keep it up :D

00:38 Sat 12/4/2010
roni the lioness
Hey do you want to trade ?
*Edit* i am drawing Thani and Feva to you and please draw for me Tama and Tojo as adults hugging

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