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'Cha babes; we'll see what happens. I'm up for art trades and the odd request (I'll turn requests down if I don't have the time for them) right now, so go ahead and ask.
<b>Note:</b> I just figured I should point this out: this isn't my first time at the Archive. I was here for the better part of 2001-2002 (under "Silver Shenzi," later changed to "Crazi") and an extremely brief period in 2003. (Under "Coma.")
<B>Note #2:</b> Sorry for rejecting all those "welcome to the archive" pics! I think they're fantastic, I really do, but I want to reserve the trades/requests section for.. well, trades and requests. I hope you all understand that. :)

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Stargirl was born on the rather exciting day of November 2nd. She is a rock&roll fashionista, and is described as "crazy". That, however, she is not.

She has a life-long love for hair metal. Her ultimate favorite is M&ouml;tley Cr&uuml;e, followed closely by Guns N' Roses and Hanoi Rocks.

She's a guitarist, a bassist, an artist, wannabe drag queen, and has an attraction for glamourous men.

Yeah, maybe she is a bit zonked out.

Can you tell me another lie?
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