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<b>Requests:</b> CLOSED<br>
<b>Trades:</b> OPEN<br>
<b>Commissions:</b> OPEN<br>

Hi guys!!! Thank you so much for visiting my gallery! Requests are temporarily closed and trades will be open until I'm too overwhelmed to take any more. You can count on me to do them in order of which they came. If we're doing a trade, I'd like for your piece of it to be sent first so I don't end up wasting time on people who aren't ever going to do their part, you know?
Commissions are ALWAYS open!<br>
<a href="">CLICK HERE</a> for an example of what a $6 commission from me may look like.<br>
Lines: $2<br>
Colored: $3<br>
Colored and Shaded: $4<br>
With Background: $6
Additional Characters: $1 each<br>
If you'd like for me to do a commission for you just throw me a comment with the specifics :3<br><br>

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Thank you so much for visiting my gallery!!! I guess you clicked this link because you wanted to know a little more about me. Well there isn't much to tell. I'm 18 and I live in Louisville, KY when I'm not in Bowling Green. I attend Western Kentucky University but I'm not quite sure what I want to do career wise yet. Possibly graphic design...who knows.

I have two cats. They're my babies! One is EXTREMELY fat and his name is Melvin and I love to cuddle and squish him and give him lots of kisses! The other is Guiness. He used to be super mean but over the years he's become super lovey....well to ME at least. He likes to eat. All the time.

I don't remember why I started drawing lions. I just did. I haven't uploaded much in the gallery but I do doodle them in class all the time.

Anyway - I really hope you enjoy my artwork :3

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