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2017-11-25 19:50:31.0
Character Refs
"...Are you sure about that?"
Ah, Mheetu. The worrywart of the family.
Don't worry, I'm kidding....mostly.

Being the younger brother of Nala, the queen-to-be of the Pridelands is a tough job after all, and honestly, do you think Nadra can keep his sister from going out and getting herself in trouble? Mheetu sure doesn't think so!

He's pretty good pals with Chumvi specifically (he and Chumvi pretty much start dating in secret under Scar's reign) and this lead to him being let into his guard! The whole thing is a mess that ends with his and Tojo's (and by proxy, Malka's) friendship, so that's fun!

Still thinking up what his future will be like, but don't worry, it won't be anything short of grim ;)
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2017-12-16 19:16:52.0
Character Refs
Just a lil reference sheet for my version of Kiara! It's certainly referenced (specially the faces and the cub pose), but Kiara's a butt to draw so hopefully you'll forgive me ;v;

I wrote a big huge description talking about what I think Kiara's life would be after the movie on my dA page, so check it out if you want to! I'd copy paste it but it's like 3000 words long lmao
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2017-12-17 18:32:54.0
Happy holidays!! It's my fursona! I wanted to draw a little christmas themed thingy so...I did!!

I hope wether you celebrate christmas, hanukkah, kwanzaa or none of them, you're having a great time!!
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2017-08-30 18:18:06.0
Hi!!! I haven't posted here more like I said I would...whOOPS. Well here's a Kiara drawing to apologize?

I hope it looks nice, I think it's the closest to the canon art style that I've ever managed to draw!

I hope you like it as much as I do ^v^
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2017-05-28 19:02:25.0
Old Stuff
Just a simple character sheet for Moza. I'll make a more complete one later on, when I'm not studying for exams.
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2017-09-28 19:04:52.0
Woop woop! More art!
Ok so in my headcanon, Sarafina and her sister, Safika, both grow up in a troubled household with a father who has serious anger issues and usually takes his anger out on their mother, Marjani.

Marjani is a pretty no nonsense lioness, but she isn't evil and knows that if her daughters stay with their dad, she might die and he in turn might start hurting them instead.

So she tells them to run away, something she initially intended to also do...Initially.

Sadly, Marjani was caught by her mate, and you can all guess what happened to her.

Poor girls still stayed there waiting for mom to come to them for a while :(
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2017-11-11 23:01:53.0
"C'mon Chumvi, Nala wanted to show us something!"

oOf back from not posting in a bit! School's been kinda kicking my butt recently, so I apologize for the pauses between uploads.

I was always a fan of the "Chumvi and Kula are Scar and Sarabi's kids" theory / headcanon, and even if I don't know if I'll put it in my story yet, I still felt like drawing it!

In my version of this story, Scar takes the grieving Sarabi as his queen and they have these kiddos.

Here is Sarabi in the first months after Scar claims the throne. She's still heartbroken over the death of her mate and cub, but because of Scar's (apparent) kindness and her new babies, her grief is put aside for the people that need her there for them.
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