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NOTE: Just FYI, I am not 18 anymore (which I was when I joined), my work has matured...A LOT(wish I could say the same for my drawing skills). I don't really do PG but obviously I will keep it to a minimum here since it's a fanart site for a PG film.

Just thought you should know in case you feel I have gone a bit overboard in a display. That's who I am now.

11/27/12: Good lord. I have not been here in years. I can't believe I was 18 when I joined up. Guess what, I'm 3 days away from 2-fucking-6 now! XD

So earlier tonight I was on youtube and what should I come upon but some beautiful videos telling the story of the death of Kopa, Unofficial son of Simba. I was so intrigued by the character and the art that I found my way back here. You'll be seeing a drawing of Kopa here soon. Or I might photoshop it, I can't decide but it would be super simple to do and look better than any drawing with my skills. Is that even allowed? I will have to give it some thought.

The art I am now using for my 'user commenets' button is one of my favorite used in the videos. This is me trying to credit the artist without actually knowing who it is, sorry. If you discover this and don't approve please feel free to make me take it down and even tell me to go to hell lol.

Also I need to clarify something, my original character's Adrianna and Henry. I have them labeled as being from a pride mt friends and I created called the moon tribe. OK they are so NOT, I just pout them there in my head and made it sound like they were characters in the fic because I was an 18 year old idiot.

The characters in our long dead fanfic The Lion King 3: Mystery of the Moon Kingdom are as follows:

Imani (faith) and Makeo (results): Twin cubs of Kiara and KOvu

Hekima (Wisdom) - King of the Moon pride
Maganga (Witch doctor) - Queen of the moon pride

The moon pride offspring:

Asante (thanks) - Eldest son and love interest of Vitani

Kisu (Knife) - Middle son and friend to Imani (He's my favorite name)

Luna - You youngest and lone daughter, friend to Makeo

My best friend and I googled Swahili names for these, and I am proud of these characters.
Fun tidbit: Kovu means Scar. Coincidence? AS IF!

I am not going to erase the description from Adrianna and Henry though, I am planning to preserve all my old shit here. Because it's sentimental and stuff.

hello all. some of you may remember me as starlioness07, but i was having some problems with that account so i deleted all my pictures from it, and put them into this one. they are so not the best you have ever seen, because i soooooo cannot draw, but i hope you enjoy them still.

8/17/04: hey everyone. my apologizes for not updating in awhile, i have been away on a trip for a week and a half, and then when i got back i was busy telling everyone about my trip, and hanging out with my best friend, who just recently got back from a trip across the u.s. plus i have just not been inspired enough to draw lately, but i promise i will start drawing agian soon, for ya all, k. i beg your understanding for the long wait.

7/26/04: hey everyone. i just wanted to let all my fans know that those of you who want trades with me are welcome to one, however i am not familar with how trades work, because i am still quiet new to the website. so i will trade with all of you but you need to please get back to me with the details on what my part of the trade is suppose be. thanx in advance, i hope to trade with you all soon. please keep checking back i am trying to do more drawings.

7/22/04: hey guys, i just want to apologize for the big spaces in between my new drawings. i draw the best when i am inspired by eaither a show i watch or mostly the encouragement of my friends and online comapanions here that enjoy my art and want me to do more. but don't worry i am thinking about doing another drawing tomorrow. so hopefully there will be something new in my gallory tomorrow evening around 6:30-7:00pm eastern staanderd time. so please check back.

hi all thanx for the great comments, im gald you all disagree with me that my pics suck, its just that all the other pics i see on here are like sooooo professional like, and good, and im nowhere near that. hehe at least not yet!

by the way i copied all my drawings from my mouse works lion king 2 book =/, hehe, but i dont trace so i guess it's a good start =)

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hi everyone. i am a returning member here. i am 18 years old and i love to draw, but i love to write stories even more. this is why i only draw when im in the mood because it takes me a long time and a whole lot of erase marks, hehe. not to mention insperation. my wakko uncle(or at least one of them, lol) and i happen to love tlk, i call him scar while he calls me shenzi, hehe. so i guess you can figure out where my profile pic came from, lol.
Wow ok I was 18 when I joined, well I am 26 now! I haven't been here for ages!
18 roars

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