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hiya im samurailiger17 or joe some friends call me logan actually i perfer to be called a nicknmame cause joe ryhmes with to much sooo... Logans my fursona and spiritual guardian logan is what i call an Onbo Liger all of my fursonas live in the universe onborosi

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15:48 Wed 12/24/2008

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well im alomost 18 so that means its alomost time to go out into the world so... to reset my profile info.....

thing i love to do: hang out with freinds, chat, spar,i try to be normal but i often fail to do so,

personal quotes: theres nothing wrong with artistic insanity you just have to learn how to work with it.... go out into the world make freinds, buddies, pals and dont be afraid to get to know eachother.... everyone has the potential to be great *glomphugs*

fave food: just about any :)
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