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Okay, first off, I am Christian. Just deal with it please of you don't like it. Second, I love to draw, write, and read. :3 I also like axolotls, cynder and spyro, Leo the white lion, kingdom hearts, cats of all shapes and sizes, wolves and furries/anthros. :3 All of the website you can find me on are below. I hope you check out my gallerie and webstites! I will try to make you guys laugh, so I might say some wierd things. XD Anyways, welcome and enjoy! :D LOL, did I tell you guys yet that I'm 13? Yah, I put in a fake year. Sorry guys if that irritates you. BUT! The date is right. Yep, I'm born on ST.PATRICS DAY!!!!!! That's it... FOR NOW.

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