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Thank you for visiting my gallery.
I also have a <a href="">DeviantART</a>; account.
I like to do trades sometimes.<br>If you wish to contact me my email is in my profile.
See you around.

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23:33 Tue 11/17/2009
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23:04 Sat 11/14/2009
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[size="1" face="verdana""]hello !


19:04 Thu 9/24/2009
Your work is beautiful, as I've said on deviantart. So I voted for you for artist of the month. Hope you get it!!!!

19:46 Mon 5/25/2009
Your work is beautiful. Awe-inspiring. I wish i could draw half as good as you ^^
And I am curious about Pruit. What is she/he? The character is gorgeous

11:31 Mon 4/20/2009
Layla E.
wow, ok so i think your art is incredible and BEAUTIFUL! I've never seen an artist on here that has a style quite like yours.
I love how you use actual watercolors and pencils etc. you're definitely one of the best artists on here, in my opinion!
can't believe I just found your gallery now. keep up the incredible work!! you've inspired me!

09:04 Sun 4/19/2009
:) No problem, I believe it my duty and honor to comment on such wonderful artists as yourself, to provide friendly critics, and encouragement, and of course, praise :DD

EDIT: Np, :D I didn't know you had! But I'd still like to draw both of them, I love them so much :)

Just tell me how you'd like it, if you have a prefrence.

How bout, for the trade, I will draw your 2 characters, Head and Pruit.

And your draw King :) With one of your beautiful african backgrounds!

(If you have any preferences on what u want Head and Pruit to be doing, then just tell me.)

02:01 Sat 4/18/2009
Hey there!

Well, I must say, how have you stayed hidden from me for all this time? :O

Well I'm glad I was able to stumble across your corner of the archive! I've been skipping around your gallery and just gazing at each piece of gorgeous work.

Your character designs are just amazing and they make me very curious indeed those critters of yours :)

Anyway I hope to see more of your art soon! :) I'll be adding to you my watchlist for sure ;)


10:20 Tue 2/10/2009
i suppose i never really left a comment here before because everyone else has said it all, but i feel that because i cannot comment on your individual pictures i must say something after all this time! i barely allow myself to look at your work anymore because when i do, no matter where i am at the time or what i'm doing, i get the incontrollable urge to whip out the pencils and start practicing. your art makes me so jealous, but in the best possible way. i am so glad you post here!

21:46 Tue 1/13/2009
What is this madness? Why have I not left you a comment?

You are, without a doubt, one of my favourite artists here.

Your character designs and concepts are some of the most unique and instantly recognisable I have seen in a very long time, and better yet, you are an incredibly approachable and friendly artist, too - which is something I definitely admire. I hate art snobs.

I treasure the drawing of Azanti and the mamba you made for me, and I am still quite happy with my rendition of Head, though, it could have been a lot better :(

Keep up the great and inspiring work.

00:56 Wed 12/17/2008
How the bloody hell have I not left a comment???

Just popping in to reiterate my adoration/jealousy of your arts. Every time I browse your gallery I feel almost required to get my paints out. <3

23:24 Wed 10/22/2008
Edit: Hey there, just wanted to stop by and let you know how much I absolutely adore your artwork. Whenever I see that you have uploaded something new I get very excited to see what wonderful new thing you have just added to the archive. Thanks so much for sharing your fantastic artwork with us, I love every bit of it! <3
10/07: Wow! Your style is very unique, I really really like the way you use line and color. I'll definitely be watching, so please keep uploading! I can't wait to see more. :D

05:57 Sun 7/13/2008
Hi! I love your new cheetah-snake picture, is it waterolour? I love your style :D I couldn't find the sneaky signature though :(

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