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Thx to all the people on the archive for helping me i have really started fitting in special thanks to all the people that offered to help me with out being asked thankyou! longlivetheking.

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08:51 Mon 8/27/2012
12:06 Fri 8/3/2012

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Hi im longlivetheking ive only just currently joined this web sadly i have not pics yet i need help if anybodys willing to help plz post on my comments thankyou!

11:38 Tue 11/6/2012
Hi! I was applying for Akishi and Alica but they got taken off, will they go back on? I really hope so!

17:04 Thu 8/23/2012
sorry i didnt know what akishis looked like so i did random design for his leg...srry :/

You're welcome! :)

15:48 Wed 8/22/2012
Hello :) and welcome to the archive! What are you having trouble with? Maybe I can help :) just ask me anything , I've been here for a few years maybe I can help! :)

hey! umm just so you know you just have to post about 5 or 6 pictures in order to get on sketcher! so just keep drawing and posting and you can get on!

07:45 Tue 8/21/2012
Hello Longlivetheking.
I just saw you asked for Icon 1. Which requires you to give me a sketch so I can ink it. If I have no sketch I can't ink anything and therefore the icon is nothing.
If you wanted icon 2 I will need a reference picture before I can sketch your character.

Thanks :)

edit: Click on the picture you wish to reference and when viewing it at the top of your browser window you should see a link. Highlight that link. And copy it. Then when you go to ask for an icon you you paste that reference link into that little boxed area that says reference. If you have asked for that icon already you may have to remove your request and redo it.

21:49 Sun 8/5/2012
Welcome to TLKFAA! I really like that first piece you posted. You're on your way to greatness! If you need help with anything, character markings/ideas, paint programs, etc. I'd be glad to lend a hand!

16:38 Sat 8/4/2012
Hi, I'm Fahiri! I love your character designs. You mentioned that you need help with your character. I'd be glad to help you if you let me know!

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