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Please help! I took a picture of my art out of my sketchbook. I uploaded it to my computer. I fixed it up on "Paint". I tried to put it on here but there were too many "gigabites". So i made it super small. And when it finally uploaded, IT WAS BLURRY!!! Please help me! Anyone?

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22:52 Sun 6/26/2011

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well, the name doesnt really sound like me, but, when i was six, i found this site. Im 15 now and really happy to find it again. When i was in my mothers womb, her and my dad went to see the lion king in the movie theaters. When i was 2 i got the movie on VHS (haha, so old). But seriously, i would watch that movie over and over, singing to all the songs. I would even cry because the VHS player wouldnt rewind fast enough. (Thank the Lord for DVD!) But it has always been my favorite movie. I have always loved lions too. There my favorite animal. Along with all the other big cats. (and any carnivorous mammals) When i was six, I also FOUND my first cat (as a kitten) in my backyard that we saved. It was hanging on to a fence scared to jump off. Tiger. My nana had a stray who had kittens and a month later had one more. I found the late kitten abandoned under a lawn chair by my nanas pool in the fall.(the pool was closed) Alexandra had three litters in her life time. (OH it makes me sad to think of her since she passed away a year or two ago) But there was one time where i had 21 cats all at once. (long story) But hopefully when i grow up i'll do something with animals and continue on my blessed talent as an artist.
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