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Joined Feb 4, 2005
First Upload Dec 28, 2005
Latest Upload Dec 22, 2013
Age/Birthday Apr 24, 1991 (age 26)
Gender Female
Location San Francisco Bay Area
Occupation village idiot
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Website http://xcelestex.deviantart...
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Trades: closed
Requests: closed
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**More Art**:

^ That's my deviantart account, you should check it out because I have better stuff than the old jargon here!

Hello, I'm known as Kydee or Celeste around here. I've been a part of the online artist's world for five years now. I started here as a TLK artist in 2004, and this is my first gallery online. Three years ago I joined deviantart and have been an active artist in the canine and equine communities as well. Through the years I've completed over 300 drawings and have made friends that I will always remember =]

Recent News:
My latest obsessions are Saluki hounds, which you can interrogate further by venturing the link at the top of the page.

Thanks for looking me up!


20:44 Sun 2/17/2013
ahh I love your art just soso much <3 it's gorgeous

16:33 Mon 8/29/2011
Phinia Black
i cant believe i havent visited ur gallery before... ur art is amazing <3 *faves* *u*

18:18 Fri 12/17/2010
hello.. kydee your art is so epic....i was looking on the tt. and i was have a character called pandor. who would make a great leader for my pride ^^ (it sounds as if this is real life hehe) he looks like a leader. and he wont be lonly! ill draw him as often as i can.. please!!!!!!!!!!

01:20 Wed 8/11/2010
Halooooo Kydee/Celeste! <33333
thankies for adding me here too :D

11:32 Mon 6/21/2010
Wow awsome art! :D
Now about your Sketcher problem, do you have the latest Java update? If thats not it try asking Brian. Sorry if im not being much help. :(

07:23 Mon 3/29/2010
Wow awesome artwork I love your fursona :D
Your new fan

01:53 Tue 4/21/2009
Wow...Totally awesome art!!! :DD *fav*

03:16 Sun 4/19/2009
Shadow Ravenwood
Do you have tutorials? your art is Amazing! <33

04:50 Fri 4/17/2009
Hello there!
wow,u have really some awesome gallery here!I love your way to draw,some realistic mixed with pure tlk art!I love it!^^
Maybe we can play on IT sometimes?=)
youre new friend ~Ella~

15:01 Mon 1/5/2009
:U Your fursona is gawgeousss~

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