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Hello everyone! Thank you for visiting! I do my best to reply to each and every comment, and I appreciate them just so much :) I'm here for the community and the thought-provoking conversation we all get from uploading pictures - and I just love to make new friends :)

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Howdy there :D
Again, I must say it's time for another profile update, seeing as I seem to keep on changing every year :P

I'm fiercely loyal and stick by my friends no matter what, and I'm a big advocate of justice and fairness.

I suppose you want me to be funny here :D Well, I don't know any jokes that are suitable for this place :D

And lastly, a BIG squishhug to Brian, and thank you so very much for the webspace, the autoapproval, the everything. Without you, this place would be the haven it is. Thank you!

So check out teh pictures, check out the characters, if you like them, tell me, if you don't like them, run far enough away so I won't be able to hit you and then tell me, lol. I loev critisism, it's how I improve. *coughcoughhinthint*

I don't believe in "character theft", as there are over 130,000 characters in this archive....there is GOING to be overlap. Don't whine to me that I've stolen your character. I haevn't. I love designing, and I will spend lots of time on each character making sure the colour scheme and design fits them. If it's the same as yours, it's completely unintentional and I'll probably attatch myself to you and proclaim you as my twin :D And then draw pictures of you :D

Okay I'll shut up now :D
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