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10-7-2010 I'm still around. Very busy now that I have a kid. :3

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<B>Sharpies/Bic Mark*Its</B>



Adobe Photoshop
Microsoft Paint


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Strathmore Drawing

I have been here since Jan. 20, 2006

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Pictures 1040
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Joined Jan 20, 2006
First Upload Jan 20, 2006
Latest Upload Dec 25, 2010
Age/Birthday Aug 10, 1985 (age 32)
Gender Female
Location Montana
Occupation Housewife
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Website http://twilight-kibeti.devi...
Accepting Requests or Commissions No
A physics graduate from West Texas, USA that loves anime, Disney, and of course, The Lion King.

I have deviantART account where you can see my older anime stuff.

Trades and requests are closed due to a busy life. I might ask for them when I want to.

12:41 Fri 5/13/2011
your pictures are soo coooooool!!!

15:17 Wed 12/29/2010
I'm so glad I took the morning to check out the Archive for the first time in months, it was good to see all you new work, Jodi! Keep it up!

11:56 Sun 8/8/2010
can we have a art trade

11:56 Sun 8/8/2010
can we have a art trade

18:06 Mon 10/5/2009
trade? ^^ &#9829;

01:09 Sat 10/3/2009

I can see you have a lot of helpful color guides, but not one for Kopa. Are you going to make one for Kopa? Or are we all to assume he's the same color as cub Simba?

17:25 Mon 4/27/2009
Hello. I was wondering if we could do a trade. Could you draw Mheetu and Kula for me. And I'll draw something for you. Tell me what you want me to draw.

16:48 Wed 8/20/2008
ur one talented artist 8D
cute style and i love how u use the colored pencils

we are gonna do a trade someday >)

05:36 Wed 6/25/2008
Hello there!!
Checking your account right after seeing a kourukon's have some really nice canon art here,beautiful colours and really cute way of drawing!And not only the canon art is nice for sure...You've done really much and nice work of Africa species and your rest charactes for sure too!!!See you around!

08:13 Wed 5/21/2008
Got to love your pictures, especially your reference sheet! THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR HAVING CREATED THEM!!!! *bear hug* You cannot imagine how long it takes me to get the right colors for the canon characters since my painting program configures them darker than they are. But your sheets work! I'm so happy!!! So, hope to see more of your pictures!!! :D

You might have recognized me from the Lilymud thread "Character Creation Thread". :3 You seem to claim the lost characters often. Hope to see the leopon that you got soon. Oh, do you agree that Cheetah master is on that thread extremely often. She keeps grabbing the good characters. Lucky that she is giving some up. ^^'

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