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I am going along posting this message in all my old accounts, which unfortunately I seem to have too many of. Brian, if you see this, please, delete this account, I no longer use it, and it is
prolly messing up your servers and holding space others could be using.

Oh god. Going to a few old archives really does something to you, I swear x.x. I can't believe how stupid I was when I first started drawing, at (you MUST go there, there is some wicked TLK fanart guys) I have what, five accounts? Happy_HSV_Chick, Fire Vs Ice, Cookies/Mystic Kida/Calais (BOY I HOPE THOSE ARE ALL THE SAME NOW) and Orion/Redtabbytigress. >.<. Back then I had an attention span of about ten seconds, but im gonna see if I can get them all deleted....or try, if I don't get kicked out of there. My old Deviant account? :iconcookiesandc:, but I changed that coz I wanted the name redtabbytigress. ;).

I also found a whole hoard of characters I really really really like, that I left behind. How the hell could I do that? And friends. I used to talk to so many people x.x. If any of you guys read this, im so, so, so sorry if I messed you round.

So what am I going to do? Im gonna use all my old characters I made up, and start drawing them again *yay*. So when you see some of them re-appearing in my archives, on my site, and everywhere, im not stealing them, x.x, I am just gonna hunt them all down, off all my accounts, and bring them all together, and tie them into the story im writing.

Also, Cookies (the lioness) if any of you guys from TLKAA remember her, will be making an appearance again, since I've been playing around with the idea of drawing her for so long, I think she is one of my favourite charries ever :D. I love her to pieces, So im going to use her as my fursona again. Not to replace Missy, but as my LIONESS fursona. I figure tigers don't really belong to the whole TLK fandom, so that way, I can load on topic art at the TLK site, Tiger, and off topic art here, and on my site, and everyone is happy :D. Well, mostly everyone, I hope.

Also, I have a hoard of pics and gift pics and stuff I want to colour and make purty, and I want to practice and take my time on them, and try make my art look better- especially because im mostly doing five minute jobs these days. So im gonna take a break from uploading and stuff for awhile, maybe a couple of weeks, maybe a week, or maybe a month, I don't know- just as long as it takes to come up with something I really am happy with, and im gonna decide what charries I want to keep from all my accounts, and which I will decide to ditch, in which case, I may give them away for adoption..

Speaking of adoptions, I am using my adopted chars, and im going to use the ones I have been gifted in the past, like several I have found in my account called Calais. I hope to be uploading them soon.


If you want to see my new art, and the account I am not ever going to change again while I am here, (unless it too gets deleted), to to <a href="">Red Tabby Tigress</a>
No more uploads here ;)

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