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Okay for starters, hi my name is Jess although you may also call me Tara or Raven. I am recently new to the site but have been a big fan of Lion King since I was little (I will probably show photos of my collections when I get the time to).

I have been drawing lions for quite some time and although I am not the best at it I hope to improve and make a career out of it some how.

Please do not steal my art or I will be VERY upset with you and don't think I won't find it because I know the popular places where I find most of others stolen artwork just cause I have that much time on my hands xP

If you would like me to do a request please let me know you can send me an email at, but understand by next September I will be starting College so I will not be able to devote all my time here.

I think I covered the basics, so just take a look see, comment nicely and just do not steal my artwork.

(PS: I do roleplay although I tend to roleplaye in paragraphs but if you want to roleplay feel free to ask =3)

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I have been watching this site for years as it is my inspiration to continue drawing lions, I admire quite a handful of this artists whose talent I would kill to have. Most of the art I will being doing on here will be characters of mine that i have used in role-plays.
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