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Good morning, afternoon, or evening,

Thanks so much for visiting my page, please feel free to leave comments on anything you would like. I really enjoy input.

A little bit about me;
I'm currently a alumni from a private boarding school. No I'm not anywhere near rich or smart, but it's where my parents went. I have joined the United States Navy. I will leave on September 7, so I probably won't be on a whole lot at that time. I have a wide variety of intrestes including;
hunting, fishing, cross country, writing, video games, making movies, swimming, basketball, driving, eating, mischief making, traveling, drawing(duh), and always having a good time.

I'm really over joyed that there is a site like this for people to share art. And I'm so glad to be a part of it. Thank you again for visiting my page, and I hope you have a marvolous day!!!

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