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I'm gemme (previously ladonia)
i like cats and cute things

18:50 Fri 1/9/2015
Hey there Gemme! I would love to do a trade if you have time! Just tell me what charry you want. If you can, will you do my char Luci?

10:08 Sun 10/28/2012
Hi there :)
i saw you putted my old character Astro up for adoption on the TT, if you don;t mind, i really liketo have her back <3

20:36 Sun 5/22/2011
I saved the board before reset c: want me to send it to ye? c:

12:33 Thu 7/1/2010
Happy Mushroom
wow your art is so cute ^^ im your new fan keep up the good work :P

09:04 Mon 5/10/2010
Drawing your larko adoptie. :>

18:49 Sun 3/7/2010
Hi Ladonia. :D You have some really great artwork here. It's really fun to draw and do collabs with you on the Sketcher. ^^

07:25 Thu 2/18/2010
hi ive seen your steele on the trading tree and i want to adopt him, ive already drawn the picture of him i just have to wait for brian to accept it k xxxx

07:53 Sun 2/7/2010
I am soo sorry to hear your loss, I really am.

07:53 Sun 2/7/2010
Crazy Wolf
I read your bulletin and I was very touched. I hope you feel better soon. At least we know Dewey is feeling better. And you know, sometimes saying goodbye is a lot harder than not getting to say goodbye.

I have actually seen a cat die. I saw it being hit by a car, and then I was about 10 centimeters from it when it died. It lowered its head and, without medication or anything, it died. And something weird is, I thought that death was beautiful. It was like I could see the spirit of it fly out of the body, up in the air. I don't know how this could possibly make you feel better, but I just felt I should tell you. Death is not and end, it's a journey. And it's only painful for those left behind. So with that in mind...
My thoughts are with you. <3

01:37 Sun 2/7/2010
Aweee. My deepest condolences. I have great empathy for you because i know how you feel except i got 2 sit there and watch helplessly as the life, of our poor 21 year old kitty cujo (yea she's a girl i know odd name) was painful taken from her cuddly body and sent to chase the mice in the sky. But if Dewey was anything like Cujo he will always be with you. i sometimes think i hear the gentle scrapes of her brittle nails on the wood floor. Hopefully the same for you because it still feels like she's with us. And by the way you make it seem, i think you will always hear the gentle scrapes of his nails on the floor and always remember the shadow that slept in your chair. So once again I'm so very sorry for you. But hey you know he might even now be your little guardian angel. :)

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