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galaxy cat

Hi there people welcome to my gallerey
just look around and enjoy.
i dont uploud a lot because i use a comuter of a friend.but feel free to leaf a comment^^

-xxx- citty

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hi everyone

my artist name is GALAXY CAT
im drawing so long as i can remember.
it changes in years when i was a little
cute kid i drawed a lot of dogs in people style with colorfull clothes. and
when i gets older i drawed things as
little stories with big pictures with above a little message.
a couple of years later did i discover lionking from a friend she is sooo good i'm so jealous her pics are so much times better then mine.
i draw last year a little but now almost a year later its a little poor i did nothing for my account because i draw other things now last time i draw a lot of fairies there beautiful. on my school they want to make a book for the library
with some comics from me i'm so proud of it

enough about my artist biography
now about the things that make my pictures "my pictures"
my big inspirations are my dreams
i dream a lot
my other inspirations are my music
i listen to pop rock and RnB
i listen to artist as rihanna,avril lavigne,britney spears and now a time ago to vanessa paradis.
an other inspiration is the color pink
its girly it rocks it can be classy chic
and eighties I LOVE THE EIGHTIES!!!
the neon colours are so pretty
i like the movie "cry baby"
its not eighties but sixties i think so
by it is also eighties for me ;)
its a little boring because it don't have a clearly story
it has a long long kiss scene
i tought ill throw up ;)
the only reason is that johnny depp is playing in that movie
i like his movies he is funny and also serious i don't know how he do that its soo amazing i have 4 movies of him
potc 1
edward scissorhands
finding neverland
and charlie and the choclat factory
i'm looking for more do you know one please let me know that (no horrors please)
i was shocked about a documentair about little animals that they used for fur
it was sooo scary

now i'm done
please looking around and feel you feel to leave a comment

xxx-galaxy cat

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