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Not very active here anymore....>.>;;

My deviantART account --><a href="">dA</a>;

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Hello. My name is Flikkun, flik, or Cindy! Whichever you're comfy with!!

Ok, I guess I'll start off with some things about me :)

I'm a transformers nerd. I've seen:
1. All of Generation 1 and it's 1986 movie.
2. the first two seasons of Transformers Animated
3. The first 10 episodes of Transformers Armada
4. The 2007 Transformers movie by Bay himself >___>(I've also READ it's prequel)

..Something else I love is Pixar X3 Especially Ratatouille and Walle :'D

I am a CHRISTIAN. And a CATHOLIC. I don't mind if you have a problem with that, just don't flame me ;D I'll respect your opinion, you respect mine.

I love a lot of music, but especially Owl City, Newsboys, Casting Crowns, Relient K...and BAH I'm too lazy to type it all >_>

I love to draw X3 And I find it FREAKING AWESOME that anyone would make a FREAKING ANIMATED MOVE about LIONS. How awesome is that?!?!?

Oh, Primus, I love reading! I have read so many freaking awesome books I'm not even going to try to start to list them ;__;

I mostly draw lineart in my sketchbook and scan it in to colour in Gimp(2.6.7), but sometimes I draw MS Paint picture :)

YES. I HAVE A TABLET.'s hard, so I don't use it very often OTL

If you have interests similar to me, like my art, or just whatever, please feel free to drop me an email or add me on Yahoo. I don't bite!!

By the way, an interesting fact for you since you read this far without dozing username comes from my cat, his name is Flik, yes, Flik from A Bug's Life. We call him Flikkun as well, and I've pretty much adopted it as my username, not just here, though.

~Flik the fangirl, signing out~
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