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dudewhohasapotatochip :-)

Uhm... hello. Thanks for checking out my gallery... I appreciate it. Sorry my art sucks so bad.

OK... time for some Q&A! (from the man of many questions and terrible answers!)

Q-Do you do trades/requests?
A- Trades, always. Requests... when I'm in a good mood.

Q-How do you put up with art theft?
A- I shoot them... >:D

Q-Do you like anime?
A- Hell. Yes.

Q- Which anime? XD
A- Bleach, Naruto, FMA, Code Geass, ect.

A- What? No!

Q-What's your deepest secret?
A-If you've read my bio thingy mahoot, you would know. If you didn't... I'm gay.

Q-How do you put up with homophobes?
A-I rip their limbs off , hang them by their neck, and then slowly slice their skin... Yes.

Q-Are you epic?
A-Maybe. You tell me. Yes or no is fine.

Q-Do you like yaoi?
A- YES! HECK YES!! *coughs* Ahem... >.>"

Q-Are you emo?
A- Of course I am you dimwit.

Q-Do you cut yourself?
A- Very rarely...

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Hmph. Not a whole lot to tell about myself.

Well... I'm sixteen, male, uhh... I dunno. I love the colors red, green, and black.

I'm kind of emo... and don't ask about my username- I was in a good mood!

AND... I'm gay. I'm totally in the closet about that to all friends and family... I'll tell them when I feel like it. Which will probably be never.

So... yeah. I have auburn hair, green eyes, tanned skin, ect. I'm not the most popular person ever. I try to keep a low profile. And my only true friends are people that I've known for at least two years. One of them is this guys that I like... his name is Lucas. Btw, mine's Joshua.

And I don't give a fuck if you make fun of me for being gay. I'm a person, too. So get a life you damn homophobes.
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