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Hey guys, I'm quite new to this site, and gradually improving. Here's all you really need to know about me:

*I only comment pictures I that like. But am open to any positive or negative criticism, as long as it isn't mean! That's the way we improve.

*I'll do trades if I like your art. But will only do requests if I've volunteered to do them on Bulletin board.

*If you'd like to use my characters please ask permission. I don't mind as long as you state that they are mine. But ask me first okay?

That's pretty much it!

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12:43 Sun 8/23/2009
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17:58 Sun 8/9/2009
11:40 Sun 8/9/2009
04:26 Fri 8/7/2009
04:22 Fri 8/7/2009
03:29 Fri 8/7/2009
12:21 Wed 8/5/2009
19:12 Fri 7/31/2009

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Hey! I'm a girl just so you know, and a Lion King fan (obviously). I love animals, and my favourite Lion king character is Kovu. x
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