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16:27 Tue 11/6/2012
hya there,
welcome to the TLKFAA! you have some very great artwork to start with, and if you ever want to do a trade, just lemme know ^^

19:49 Mon 11/5/2012
hello :)

I love your perky little style, its quite adorable <3 Im so pleased to be seeing more artists come into the archive who actually have a style that they work to maintain. its very refreshing really xP I realize, of course, that not every new artist can instantly create a nice, unique style.. but i do like to see it once in a while :)


edit: Youre welcome! It does indeed look unique- its adorable :3 haha, well smiles are very good indeed ^^
Keep up the good work :)

11:17 Sun 11/4/2012
roni the lioness
Welcome to the archive Badger! Its the old Sarafina / Ginger / Sabini / One Eye from DWOW and Rachel and Sarafina on The Enteratiment Multiverse . ^^

*Edit Well I saw a picture of Nala and Malka 's son and I knew your style well ^^

13:55 Tue 10/30/2012
I love your style Danio, welcome to the archive! I'm looking forward to seeing more of your pictures ;) Have fun here!

Roar deleted.

12:02 Sun 10/28/2012
Hi there! I love your style!! Welcome!,,

17:07 Sat 10/27/2012
hi there! welcome to the archive! you have great pics! i cant wait to see more! :)

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