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HI there,if your reading this,it means that you have found my gallery 8DDDD hope you like it,my fursona ale will show you everything around my gallery, and if she doesnt,then that means that shes been lazy again x3

Art Trades: ask first
Character Desings:Maybe, if im in the mood XP

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hi every one!!! im ale!!
thank you for checking out my gallery;P
hope youlike it :)
ok ill tell you something about me lets from ecuador,currently living in icleland XP ,love to watch awsome toby turner beeing toby turner X3 and im open to art trades,no request,sorry XP, and comissons, even thow i have no idea what thoes are XD and i guess thats it, for now,XD so hope you like my art :D oyeah and i also speak spanish...............dunno why i said that *accuard silence* ok well bye bye then XDDDDD
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