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Hacunamatata more pics are pending!!

yay!! 9 fans!! thank u to all of my fans (you know who you are lol) wow than u all sooooooooooooooooooooooo much!!!!
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go to law school and become a enviromental lawyer, Buy a house with lots of land in Mussula MT, adopt 2 dogs, buy a palimino horse (i love the dumb blonde)!! And get married and have one kid!!! I hope the guy i marrie is hot and sweet and thotful!!


Ever since i was little i have always wanted a dog!!! And two years ago my wish came true!! I have a goofy little Bichon Frise named Checkers he is my best bud!! I also have a tortoise named Lilly, A lepord gecko named Moe, a golden gecko named Mr. Bites alot, and a fish named Charlie!! I love all of my pets soo much!!!

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I may not be the best artist as my friend the mad dog might no. but i rock! and so does my dog checkers!! I love dogs! and i heard about this site from my cuzin zoe. I think one of my friends is on this site not sure tho... i love animals i have 1 dog, 2 geckoes, 1 fish and 1 tortoise and someday i hope to get another dog, a horse, and a bird!! I luv animals!! ha ha!! im very outgoing!! well uh.. so... um... ya... thats it!!

I am open to requests!!!
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