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Hacunamatata more pics are pending!!

yay!! 9 fans!! thank u to all of my fans (you know who you are lol) wow than u all sooooooooooooooooooooooo much!!!!
Requests: OPEN
Trades: OPEN


go to law school and become a enviromental lawyer, Buy a house with lots of land in Mussula MT, adopt 2 dogs, buy a palimino horse (i love the dumb blonde)!! And get married and have one kid!!! I hope the guy i marrie is hot and sweet and thotful!!


Ever since i was little i have always wanted a dog!!! And two years ago my wish came true!! I have a goofy little Bichon Frise named Checkers he is my best bud!! I also have a tortoise named Lilly, A lepord gecko named Moe, a golden gecko named Mr. Bites alot, and a fish named Charlie!! I love all of my pets soo much!!!

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I may not be the best artist as my friend the mad dog might no. but i rock! and so does my dog checkers!! I love dogs! and i heard about this site from my cuzin zoe. I think one of my friends is on this site not sure tho... i love animals i have 1 dog, 2 geckoes, 1 fish and 1 tortoise and someday i hope to get another dog, a horse, and a bird!! I luv animals!! ha ha!! im very outgoing!! well uh.. so... um... ya... thats it!!

I am open to requests!!!

13:17 Thu 1/14/2010
Your art is sooo cute!! Have a good time here <3 Love your art :)
Smiles and hugs,
soul ^^

15:41 Tue 9/15/2009
Night Lion
Hello Checkerdog and WELCOM to TLKFAA i hope you LOVE it here! Thanks so much for coming to my gally! I will look at your page right now!!! yep you just kep practicing and you will get VERY GOOD at drawing i think you are good at drawing right now!!! hay did you fave me if you did plz make your self VISIBLE to me! :D Thais is how you do it press the button that say "VISIBLE TO THIS ARTIST" but if you did not fave me umm...then just click that button when you whant to fave ppl! That way they can see that you fave them ok!!!

edit: Ok thanks for making your self visible to me!!! Keep up the AWESOME art!!! I have made a WELCOME pic for you it will be up soon ok bye bye!!

edit:Oh is that your dog up there? If it is he/she is SOOOOO CUTE!!!!!

edit:YO.....ummm yeah ummm..... bye (sorry i don't know what to say) bye

~Night Lion...aka MoonLight ;D

15:36 Tue 9/8/2009
Welcome back! ;)

Edit: You're welcome :D Aw, I know how you feel xP Maybe you'll go back there someday? :)

06:34 Mon 8/31/2009
You have some very cute drawings in your gallery here. I can see that you have already gotten much better at drawing since you first started out, and that's not long ago.
Keep up the good work and continue drawing.
Try not to fall into the trap of comparing your art to other artists on this site (i checked out your profile). So many new artist give up after they do that, since people have that horrible habit of comparing their worst sides to other people's best.

Always draw for yourself, and make it your personal goal to improve your drawing skills so you can put whatever picture you got in your head on the paper/screen =)

You're already off for a great start, and i'm pretty sure your stay here will be even better.
I cant wait to see you improve in the future. C:

PS: cute dog!

17:59 Wed 8/26/2009
Welcome to TLKFAA! (Though you have more pics up than I do... how sad... XD) I love how you have a lot of different styles for your pics!

22:51 Mon 8/10/2009
You do realize that Brian has to check every single submission, right?
That means submissions take time to be uploaded. He /does/ have a life outside the internet.
Just be patient, they'll be up eventually.

18:54 Mon 8/10/2009
Hey, heard about your Software issue. You can buy a trial of Photoshop Elements now for about £10, which is about $15. Then you just upload it again each month.

11:04 Mon 8/10/2009
Welcome to achive! Have a nice time here. BTW, what new program did you get?

02:45 Wed 8/5/2009
Welcome to the archive! <3

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