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waddup i draw and love tlk too much bye
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hell the o!
i'm marshall
i'm an aspiring animatior/storyboard artist who just really, REALLY likes the lion king.

i try and make good art but i can never really finish a lot of things due to either just not bothering or executive dysfuntion. what a wild life i live.

im also really into scooby doo, sonic the hedgehog, rachet & clank, lazytown, the young ones and the rocky horror picture show.
also other general stuff like gravity falls, steven universe, star vs the forces of evil, etc.

other things about me:
• my favourite band is fall out boy
• im a black belt in taekwondo
• i've got mild dyspraxia
• i'm a libra
• and i enjoy voice acting and singing

Feb. 21, 2016
*new comment*
hello again my friend, I hope you're doing alright *hug*

July 24, 2015
Sukala A.P.
!FRESH UPDATE! (2015/07/24)

Hey there, buddy! I know you are having an hard time but, I am just writing here to tell you that you are an amazing person. I really love your new art style, the expressions in the character's faces are amazing. You should notice it. ;)

Cheer up, my dear friend. Do not let anyone block your path. Do your own path. Be yourself. <3 *hugs*

Anyway, would you be interested for an art trade? :)

July 20, 2015
Hi! I really like your art <3
I'm 11 years old too :3
Can we make an art trade?
I can draw one of your characters ( surpriseeee :3 ) and you can draw my Ronald :D

EDIT: I draw my half yay! You can check it :3

EDIT 2: I want a request, can You draw Kari doing anything ( AKA. What You want XD ) with Lionized Russia? :3 Thank You! ^^

EDiT 3: Hey! I saw your "Pasta" gif XD Looks awsome! ^^

Edit 4:
*Looking a your sister's gif*
Yeah, my country is fablous ( not gay XD ) *Polish oh-gawd-white-eagle-warsaw-gniezno-krakow-w&#261;chock-i-don't-know-what-gdansk-sopot-gdynia-paluszki-baltic-sea fablous power~!*

I heard u leik aneemes... Ok, ok. Only joking XD
I found one anime you can watch in free time, it's name is "Soul Eater" :> I think it's pretty funny XD

Imma glad that You are going to stay here ^^



I still can't believe I used so many emoticons back then. I was such a kid back then... And I'm still a kid.
I find it interesting that we both had like same interests and fandoms back when we started to be friends, but as the time passes, we found our own paths.

Hoky Shut. ( not cursing *cough* because rules *cough* )

That's pretty much incredible.

July 13, 2015

Fair enough.

This sucks really considering I've defended you against bullies in the past and you're assuming I'm singling you out because I don't like you. I hope you feel better.

July 13, 2015
Could you please direct me to these "thousands" of other people with the f-word in their art so I can report them too?

July 13, 2015
Hey Charry,

Its okay to be angry and frustrated about life, but posting swears on file names, backgrounds, and blatantly writing paragraph posts that are 95% the "F" word on a PG site is not the way to go about it.

The three upload admins (me, Kayess, and *Night*) all have our emails or some sort of contact posted on our profiles so if you have a problem with any of us, feel free to contact us privately with your concerns.

EDIT: Every other site does not have age restricted content. TLKFAA does. Please follow the rules. They're pretty simple to follow.

EDIT2: Swear on where? I've never seen any posts with swearing, especially not in the "thousands." Everyone is on your case because you submitted 2 pieces of artwork in 2 days with explicit use of the "F" word in both of them. We are just asking you to tone it down or post them else where where they are allowed. Just censor them on TLKFAA.

If there is any swearing on here, its the whole situation in which "would you jump over the bridge if everyone else was" scenario? Just because someone else posts it doesn't mean you have to as well. And trust me, every moderator on here keeps an eye on things. We might not be able to catch every thing as it happens, but we do contact the person privately to let them know to change the comment. We all don't need to be public all the time. Maybe express your anger on paper at home and not on here.

Our emails are open 24/7, so again if you have any concerns, you can email any of the mods on TLKFAA and we can deal with this just between us at any time. We will get back to you in timely fashion.

May 18, 2015
*a wild comment appears*

you only gotta upload three more pictures and you'll have 666 uploads :o


April 12, 2015
Oh my! Sorry I haven't commented on your page yet Charry, this is long overdue! As always I love your art and it's great to see your style growing and blossoming. Keep it up buddy! :)

Sept. 25, 2014
Heyyy Happy Birthday, Charry! :)

March 29, 2014
hey I think I saw a decent free program awhile back -lemme see if I can dig it up for you...
I have psp which , while being the worst thing in the world to possibly draw with, is great for stuff like that. I could also just chop your banner up for you in a sec if you want- just send it to

Edit: there's this one: but I haven't tried it out myself so I'm not sure if it's what you're looking for..

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