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If you really, really, REALLY want to do a trade with me and just can't live if we don't do a trade, then shoot me an e-mail and we can figure something out.

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SCHOOL-enough said.

I'm am currently an art student, so most of my artwork focuses on my own ideas or drawing from real life. I don't draw lions all the time like I used to, but they do appear in my artwork every now and again. I will continue to upload art here as long as it is on-topic and mostly TLKFAA for now. :)

Also, thank you Brian for this website. It was a wonderful place to start of and made me realize my artistic potential and what my passion was.

<p><center><b>Jesus Christ is my Lord and Savior</b></center><p>
last updated 7-09-10<p>

<center><b>You can find more of my art at!</b>;

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Hello all! I am catnap and have been here since Sept. 25th, 2004. I've enjoyed my time here very much, this community is such a wonderful place to grow as an artists on so many level and make new friends. Seriously, props to Brian for making this awesome archive for us, no matter how many times it is said-it's so true, he truly does not get enough credit. We all really need to give him a big TLKFAA thanks. :)

A little bit more about me:

Aspires to be: a person who makes a difference, an animator, a person who is happy with myself and the life I lead.

Jesus Christ is my Lord and Savior

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