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22:04 Wed 4/23/2014
12:48 Tue 4/22/2014

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22:28 Tue 5/13/2014
Fantastic first pictures! You have an awesome style and I can't wait to see more of your work!

17:48 Fri 4/25/2014
Hello and welcome to the archive! :) Your first pictures are so so awesome, my two favorite characters haha :3 Keep up the great work and enjoy your stay here!


14:07 Wed 4/23/2014
Wolf 777
Hello CapnSykes Wolf 777 here :) Welcome to the Archive i hope you have a great time here, great first pic keep it up can't to see more from you in the future :) keep up the awesome artwork CapnSykes, from the Wolf with sunglasses ;)
-Wolf 777.

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