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Note-to-self: Return to at age 18. (originally 16, but they changed the age limit when I came back. Ugh. -.-.) Usernames: SpottedTheMed (original) and SpottedTheMedd

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<p><p>Sketch Trade-Open


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Full Detail Trade-Closed
1. CheetahCub: ...Arabelle of the Rainbow Aura ._.;...
<b>2. Charlie:</b>
<a href=>This is the trade where redraw one of Charlie's pics and they redo one of mine :O</a>
Sketch Collab-Open


Lineart Collab-Open


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Full Detail Collab-Open


Sketch Request-Closed

1. Danny - a <a href=>covenant elite</a> in gold armor holding a sword

Lineart Request-Open


Color Request-Open


Full Detail Request-Closed

1. Yumacub:

<a href=>Comment 10</a>

<p><p>Joined TLKFAA March, 2006 :) Before St. Patty's Day, and before March 17th <3 That's all I know :l

<p><p><b><u>Friends List</u></b>
<p><a href=>Kayla :3</a>
<p><a href=>Sunnita <3</a>
<p><a href=>Scarla :D</a>
<p><a href=>Lionlet [:</a>

<p>There are actually MORE people who I consider my friends, but I don't know if THEY consider ME there friends, so o__o
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<p>All art and characters on this page are © to me, brinazarski, unless otherwise stated. Characters in the "Adopted" folder or in the "For You!" are most likely © to someone else. The characters "Simba", "Nala", and other characters from the movie "The Lion King" are © Disney.</font></font>

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Hey all :) My name is brinazarski, though I'm also known as Spotted on a lot of sites, and I go by other names as well. I have A LOT of sonas (mostly fursonas). I even have two with the same name xD My real name is Sabrina, and I iz 17 years old, and I don't think you'll be hearing my last name until I'm out of the house ._. Well, I try to upload a variety of things, though the most you'll probably see is lions ^^ But I'm working on other African creatures :) *cough*UH-HUH*cough* So er...I has no idea what else to sayz now o.o...OKIE BAI XDXDXD

edit: k i'm 21 now (about to be 22 actually) and maybe i'll actually update this... someday

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