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black hope

thanks to all of my 42 fans. i love you all but the ones i love the most are snickers, kichai, oliviatc, aria, kovah, snowycheetah750, gracy, and raptures revenge.

the cheetah on my banner is a pic i have done for snowycheetah750.

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ok i love to draw, most the time my pics are affected by the way i feel at the momment i am drawing them. i love my lil brothers micheal and levi and my real name is tiffany. my nick name is black hope and i love to play singstar and ddr. i am 16 and a loner! i love my eyes and my hair! my cousins are on here to. kathrine= rosalie everrett= the joker and sam = sexy vampy and my other friends, anthoney=ss5 brandon=my love plz check thier pages out some time.
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