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so here's the scoop.. i'm not a new artist here, i was known as becky bob the moose and who knows how many other names i changed it to. i adopted so many characters i'm more than a bit over whelmed by them.

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just your everyday artist i suppose

05:53 Sat 6/11/2011
Hi beckybob! Happy Birthday!! ^^

12:42 Sun 1/23/2011
ok now it's in the status of pending, and it seems 2 take 4EVER to be yeah i hope i can get him (p.s. it looks more like a female 2 me; but thts just me)

15:12 Thu 10/8/2009
omigosh HEyyy!

12:34 Sun 8/23/2009
Hiya! I like your pictures , so far! Keep it up!

09:38 Sun 8/23/2009
I liked your pencil artworks and hope to see more! ^^

05:08 Sun 8/23/2009
Hello Tatiyana, welcome to the archive! you have a lovely style and i hope you enjoy your stay here!

19:04 Sat 8/22/2009
hey, did you know on the Timon & Pumbaa Show that Timon was in love with a meerkat named Tatiyana once?

anywho, welcome!!! =D

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