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Hey...well welcome to my gallery. Im not the best drawer in the world. I even hate drawing, but my friend made me get an account on here. Ive changed my name a bunch of times, but deal with it. Im not the one to be hostile much unless u mess with me, then u better watch out. My friends say that i have a death glare...well just be lucky u cant see it through the comp. Have fun lookin at my pics.

Some info on me:
Fave color:Black
Dream job:Lawyer
Fave show:The Vampire Diaries
Fave actor:Ian Somerhalder
Fave food:Pizza
Fave animal:Panther
Vamps or Wolves:Vamps
Fave candy:Suckers
Fave thing to do:Read
Fave book:Night World
Fave place:Woods
Fave Singers:Eminem, Lady Gaga, Bruno Mars, Pink, Kesha,One Republic, Katy Perry, Black Eyed Peas
Hate the most:Justin Bieber

Newest Pictures:

19:12 Fri 2/11/2011
22:10 Mon 1/31/2011
21:58 Mon 1/31/2011
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Joined Jan 25, 2011
First Upload Jan 31, 2011
Latest Upload Feb 14, 2011
Age/Birthday Jul 9, 1996 (age 22)
Gender Female
Location Italy
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Accepting Requests or Commissions No
I can be rude and mean if u get on my bad side but I can also be the nicest person u've ever met.
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