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2016-11-24 03:41:39.0
1. << The Lion King >>
Everything the light his kingdom.
Mufasa, patrolling the Pride Lands early in the morning, maintaining the peace in his territory.
Theme song - Circle of Life

This is my best picture up to this date, I am INSANELY proud of this. It was drawn in a course of 3 days, background taking 2.
To me, this looks like official movie poster ;v; that's what I was aiming for, also. I am planning to print this for my wall.

Please view larger size ^^ (also more details + possible to order)
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2017-08-04 07:10:44.0
So, for a while now I was using a boring text signature to watermark my art. And then I saw my little sister creating a unique signature for herself.
She inspired me to make my own custom signature! I really like how it turned out :)
I uploaded the plain and the SHINY version, it actually looks really cool on pictures :D I decided to finish this 1st, so I could start using this on future art :)

Notice anything funny here? I ACTUALLY WATERMARKED A WATERMARK haha. But now that I think about it... Whoever would steal this, would actually advertise my name? Haha
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2012-01-16 10:05:35.0
3. << Other Stuff >>
Practise to draw a realistic lion, highly referenced from the photo. I should practise much more for better results! C:
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2016-08-17 14:29:20.0
3. << Other Stuff >>
A tiger, prawling in the jungle, eyes locked on his prey...

I really like drawing pictures like this! So relaxing <3
This is done by black marker 1st that is waterproof, and then watercolour layers to fill the blocks :) You should really try this out! This works perfectly even if you can't handle watercolour, then just make sure the blocks aren't too large, and go nuts filling it! :>

Enjoy! Will possibly do more!
Scanner murdered this -.-

Somewhat better quality here
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2017-05-16 18:17:24.0
King Ahadi - husband to Uru, father of Mufasa and Scar.

Whew, this was a ton of work, but I love how this turned out.

I have written a huge description about him, his personality and appearance, so If you are interested click here to read more about him, ALSO MUCH LARGER.
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2016-03-23 10:27:17.0
After running around in the field, little jaguar sat down to relax for a bit. Pleasant sunlight, warm wind, hypnotizing scent of blooming flowers... What can be better than a little nap!

I had an insane craving for water colour. Did a quick sketch and simply layer the paint around. Flowers were improvised and were SO much fun to paint omg! :happybounce: For the cub shading I used coloured pencils, was curious to test it.
This was one evening work. Really pleased x)

Larger version here :> Spring Flowers: Nappy Time
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2008-09-21 12:13:22.0
3. << Other Stuff >>
I am alive!
I did the sketch in the train, and I coloured it when I had free time after university.
Damn, there's so little free time when you're studying! After all, here's the Demon!
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2016-08-19 18:40:06.0
1. << The Lion King >>
Kion: Ah, what should I choose for dinner today...
Mufasa: Kion! Let me help you solve your troubles.
Simba: Dad -.-

Much larger and better quality here! + lineart tutorial link provided
Please visit the link for full description!

Remember that Kion picture that I had posted alone? This is what he was doing :}
Everything is done by me with a simple round brush (yes those clouds also xD) + smooth outlining tool.
Enjoy ^^
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2013-05-02 14:30:52.0
3. << Other Stuff >>
He was not a common leopard. Spots, that marked his body, originated from the Sun itself, giving him a unique look. Spots, looking like a little pools of warmth.
The only problem, that the Sun decided to claim, that once was hers.

The background is simplified for a reason, giving just a base understanding about the territory. Hopefully the leopard's left arm looks like trying to catch the butterflies, and not just hung in a derpy way
Water-colours on A4 paper!
better quality:
950 x 654
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2016-12-06 15:00:32.0
1. << The Lion King >>
Queen Uru! This is how I personally imagine her, the golden queen ^^
Sorry for any inconsistencies in character designing :E I hope she looks like herself in the pictures around xD

This design will be used for my future comic. I'm satisfied in her looks!
As you can see, Taka/Scar inherited his eyes from his mum ^^ She is also on the thinner side, which gives her exceptional agility during the hunts, tho she is not able to finish off the prey on her own.
She is truly a fiery lioness, outgoing, friendly, active, and loud. It is unlikely to see her mad, but if this happens - RUN as she will have trouble controlling her temper.

~ Larger image here! ~
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2014-08-02 12:24:03.0
3. << Other Stuff >>
This bastard bastard lioness!!! What has she done?! There is nothing more deadly than a fire spreading through dry savanna grass as fast as the wind.

I did this just for practice of lightning and background. I completely suck at shading characters in different setting than midday >> And background is a bane of my existence. So yeah, tried to break myself to do this more. Lioness looks like a complete dork, as this never intended to be anything useful xD BUT since I was drawing on just few layers, couldn't fix it at a certain point anymore xD Oh well!
That face of the lioness + fiery background... looks seriously suspicious, yet there was no such intention :D
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2016-08-15 09:42:14.0
1. << The Lion King >>
Here's Kion! Doing something :}
This is a complete part of a larger image, that I should finish soon!
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2014-08-20 09:41:47.0
1. << The Lion King >>
Kovu stood on the Pride Rock and enjoyed the sunset. He did it - Simba believed in his lies and allowed him to join the pride. Exile sure messed things up, but Kovu was cunning enough to manage even in that shitty situation. Kiara made it almost too easy for him.

While hanging out together, Kiara once told him what Simba tought her - "King's time as ruler rises and falls like the sun". Kovu snickered, "Oh Simba, I will make sure your sun sets sooner!"
As the evening stars one by one appeared in the sky, Kovu raised his head. "Your last wish soon will be fulfilled, Scar. I will conquer the Pride Rock and become it's king, just as you desired."

<a href=""> Larger version!
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