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2017-08-04 07:10:44.0
So, for a while now I was using a boring text signature to watermark my art. And then I saw my little sister creating a unique signature for herself.
She inspired me to make my own custom signature! I really like how it turned out :)
I uploaded the plain and the SHINY version, it actually looks really cool on pictures :D I decided to finish this 1st, so I could start using this on future art :)

Notice anything funny here? I ACTUALLY WATERMARKED A WATERMARK haha. But now that I think about it... Whoever would steal this, would actually advertise my name? Haha
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2017-05-30 13:54:05.0
Huzzah I finished a picture that was 6 years old! I started this in 2011, did this horrible leopard head and... ditched it. My little sister recently has telepathically suggested me to finish this (true story), and I did it...
I am WAY too greedy to throw out unfinished art, I remember I really liked this picture back then... Tho I do still like the eyes and especially the teeth! Tho I have no idea what the tear marking does here.

So, I added - whiskers, leopard spots, and the background. So ye. I reused some old art to do a background practice basically.

~ Larger version ~
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2017-05-16 18:17:24.0
King Ahadi - husband to Uru, father of Mufasa and Scar.

Whew, this was a ton of work, but I love how this turned out.

I have written a huge description about him, his personality and appearance, so If you are interested click here to read more about him, ALSO MUCH LARGER.
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2017-05-09 07:04:55.0
...Oh dear xD Uru... you had 1 job

Surprise! This weird old looking lion is no one else but Ahadi himself! I bet you have NEVER seen a version of him like this, and ALL will be explained.
-Related to this-

More info here!
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2017-01-03 02:11:27.0
It's time for Uru to stop depending on her pride, so as her first little task she is pushed forward to greet the king. Or can there be any other reason? King also seems surprised.

Now you can see clearer, that Uru has a diamond shape on her forehead :)
Damn I love that last panel. It took a bit too much time but looking good! I guess since this is a mini comic I can allow myself such luxury xD

Please view larger!
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2016-12-22 03:07:39.0
The big day has come, that was planned by the parents for a long time. Uru is coming to the Pridelands for the first time to meet Ahadi and become his wife to continue tradition.

First page of a mini comic I have planned :3 It will probably be only like 5 pages long. It's so short, since I have never done a proper comic before with consistent characters, so I wanna practice a bit.
Uru has a character sheet as she will be in a future comic, while Uru's parents here are generic lions with undefined features, as I don't have any future plans for them ;v;
This was a lot of work xD And yes there will be watermarks.

bigger version here
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2016-11-20 00:58:34.0
This is a lionisation of the beavers Norbert (the yellow one) and Daggett (the brown one) from a 1997-2001 show called "Angry Beavers". It's incredibly stupid but hilarious xD I downloaded the episodes now and am watching when feeling that I need to feed my inner Stuped.
Gotta love Norb, he always looks like he is high on something xD AND also gotta LOVE that background!!

~ Original poster ~
I actually used the colours from this poster to colour them, and then editen into evening colours.

Does anyone in here still remember this cartoon?
Enjoy the fanart xD

WOOT larger here!!
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2016-05-14 12:18:48.0
Little tiger cub, charmed by beautiful blooming gladiolus, stopped to play with the petals. On a nice day, what can be more joyous!

Watercolour + a little bit of coloured pencils.

Larger version here! - Spring Flowers: Gladiolus
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Color JPEG
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2016-03-23 10:27:17.0
After running around in the field, little jaguar sat down to relax for a bit. Pleasant sunlight, warm wind, hypnotizing scent of blooming flowers... What can be better than a little nap!

I had an insane craving for water colour. Did a quick sketch and simply layer the paint around. Flowers were improvised and were SO much fun to paint omg! :happybounce: For the cub shading I used coloured pencils, was curious to test it.
This was one evening work. Really pleased x)

Larger version here :> Spring Flowers: Nappy Time
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