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Does anybody ever read this? o3o
I made a new layout ^-^ i kinda like it
If you can guess a song then you're special and you win a hug :]
[and that means YES all these words? are random lyircs 8D ..i ran outta space D:]
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<a href="">100 picture challenge</a>

Feeling: ~ <img src=""> Happy with meinself
Listening to~ <a href=""> A Walk Through Hell - Say Anything</a></b></i></font> <P></p>
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Actual Info, it might scare you

- I'm a scorpio, everything you read about them is true :]

- My favourite color is yellow, wear yellow and you'll definitely get a hug ;p

- I am the grim reaper of fairy land

- I like most types of music, except for classical and R+B

- You must have no life, you poor thing.

- I only really come on here to look at my friends' pages and check comments ect. I rarely upload.

- My fans drop faster than you blink.

- I have very little emotion :]

- I'hma get back to drawing kittyboys now.

If you wanna add me on msn drop a comment and tell me first ^3^

Note: This thing is just digging it's own grave lol

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