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Hi! Thanks for visiting my gallery. I'm a moderately new artist so I don't have that much up, but I hope you enjoy what I do have and I'll be working on stuff a lot because I love drawing and TLKFAA is awesome!

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Yeah as you may have noticed, I'm just about dead on here. I'm really sorry. This is one of the few sites that I'm stalking but don't do much on, so pleasepleaseplease forgive me for not drawing more TLK art! I hate uploading stuff unless it's canon art or my fursona, and I don't get a lot of that art and so.... well, you see the results: I'm just about dead. Sorry that I'm not very active here.

But if you want to see a TON more of my art and keep in touch, you can visit my dA (

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Hi! I'm not going to reveal a whole lot of personal information about myself, but I hope you enjoy my art just the same. =)

Random fact: Cheesecake is my favorite type of cake/pie. Hopefully I will update this fact once a month or once every two weeks.

TLK is awesome!! I have a new appreciation for the people who do the graphics in Disney movies, that can't be easy.

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