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<i>Greetings!</i> My name is Zoketi! At least, that's my fursona's name.

<b>Art Trades:</b> OPEN

<b>Collabs:</b> CLOSED

<b>Requests:</b> CLOSED

Thanks for checking out my art! I will always reply to comments, I like to see what people write and I want to let them know that I am listening(er...reading).

I'm also active on MLK (, and deviantart ( so you may see me there. I do try to get on here as much as I need to, to upload new stuff and such. I'm rather shy, but I do find it easier to talk to people on the internet, so please do ask me stuff or anything. <3

Also, my tumblr: (

Thank you! *hugggs*

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hey there. c:
just another lion king fan, of course. i'm not too active here, so check out my dA (Zoketi) for more stuff. do enjoy my characters and art!

have a nice day!
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