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Zodiac Wolf aka Zodiac

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Howdy to my section, leos & leonesses, wolves & she-wolves!


~HOLIDEHS (& updates)~
*dusts off cobwebs* Happy New Year, guyz 'n' dollz! ^_^

Congratulations to Maz for this month's AotM. *gives a huge wolfie hug to her*


Those o' ya'll who gave me comments & the perddy trades & requests, Mahalo, Gracias & Thanks ya'll!! Ahola, Caio, Au Revoir & Later.

P.S. Steal my art & this'll happen to you:

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20:09 Sat 12/6/2008
OMG you took my old user name :O my old name was zodiac wolf,.... cuz of my fursona! but dun take it the hard way, zodiac is up for grabs anyways..... so yeah, nice pix. keep it up, AND DO NOT CHANGE YOUR NAME BECAUSE OF THIS COMMENT :D

12:15 Mon 7/25/2005
Hello there!
I've come to take a look at your gallery as you're having me in your favorite artists list! Thank you so much for that! Your art is pretty cute! Keep it up!
See your around!
~ BeeKay84

18:48 Tue 3/1/2005
okey ^^ but who exacelly are in your pride, all of your characters?

18:33 Thu 2/3/2005
King Simba
You requested a pouncing cub. Is it ok if I did another char cos that char that you requested seems too hard to fit onto that little cub. Don't worry, I'll make ya one. :)


04:36 Thu 1/20/2005
Hey Zodiac ^^
'k, I can make an icon for you, but we don't have to trade for that ! I'll do it as soon as possible ;)
BTW, you have a really cute gallery !

06:46 Sun 1/16/2005
[size="1 face=verdana color=orange"]Hey, nice gallery! Your fursona has a cool design. :3 Keep drawing!

<3 Nova[/size]

20:12 Wed 11/24/2004
Aqua/Sequoia Lioness
Sure the chars all yours! Toxic Night is an awesome name for him! :D

19:39 Mon 10/25/2004
<center><p style="color:purple"><font size=-0 face="Comic Sans MS">
Wow, wonderful!!!! I LOVE your art! If you're ever interested in an art trade, feel free to email me!!
I'll be keeping my eye on you!!


20:47 Wed 10/20/2004
^_^ Yay! Okay, I'll have some problems drawing your character on his back, so I am going to draw you with a walkman on. ^^ It'll take a while. Artist's block, you know?

16:48 Mon 10/4/2004
Oooh!!Wow!!Some awesome stuff you've got here!!!!!! :D :D :D :D

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