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back after 2 years!

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Joined Nov 26, 2004
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Age/Birthday Jun 7, 1991 (age 26)
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Hi, I'm a 19 year old girl living in a small town in California. My hobbys are drawing,reading, and farming.I go skiing in the winter, i also bowl in my spare time.Also i've have been drawing for as long as i can remember.In highschool I was in FFA and raised 2 lambs and 2 steers for our local county fair. I plan on taking over the family fig farm when my parents retire.I havent uploaded in over a year because it was my senior year and alot was going on and then i was haveing computer problems for the longest time

08:26 Tue 6/7/2011
Happy Birthday, Zero-Digit :D
Wow you've got amazing pictures in your gallery! You're so good at drawing adult male lions! Admirable!

15:16 Sun 8/26/2007
lil' lyon
Thanks for the watch =) You've got an interesting style! I hope you computor works again.. soon x)
Sarah aka Lil' Lyon

21:40 Fri 8/24/2007
Thanks for adding me to your favorite :)

09:05 Thu 8/2/2007
Zin Stone
Hey, you applied for Yuris on The TT. I just need you to draw him now. :3

20:12 Tue 6/12/2007
Kitty Doom
Hmm, it seems that for some..odd...reason, I haven't seen your page before. This makes me sad =^--^= But, no matter! Your stuff is great! I'm digging the soft, sketchy feel, keep it up :3

00:21 Sun 1/14/2007
Your art is so awesomly cute, it makes my head want to explode. It's probably because you art has such a nice fun and "bouncy" feel to it. Your character designs, especialy your "unnamed dude", are all so beautiful. You have a cool style of markings, very square and pretty.
Hope to see more from you :D

12:50 Mon 1/8/2007
brown whisker
wow your art is way cool!really great stuff, dont stop! XD!

03:57 Fri 1/5/2007
*waves* Hey! :D I saw you on sketcher--your stuff's really good! I like your style. n_n Hope to keep seein' neat stuff from you!

10:48 Sun 12/10/2006
I love all of your characters' designs. They're just so cool.
btw, the charcter you wanted from me, he's yours. I hope you take care of him.

Keep it up!

20:28 Fri 12/8/2006
just letting you know what my plans would be for if I got him. He would be the twin brother to Margo --> and the son of Lelimaji, my personal char and Queen of the Kigeni Pride.

EDIT: thanks so much!!!!!!!!! And with a return of the favor, she is all yours. :D

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