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Demballa is a land in myth and legend, a place in darkness at all hours. Located in a giant crater, it's grasses are long and black, the sky is forever dark, both day and night. It is said that the souls of the dead pass through this place on their way to the next life. There are some souls rumored to still wander this dark place, waiting for loved ones, or enemies to pass through with them. Demballa is a land unlike the sun kissed world above, and is watched over by one lioness called Zeriara.

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<b> HELLO. And that's sincerely pointed directly at you and only you. I've been here for quite a while and I like things dark, danky, and DOOM ridden. Demballa is a mystical place, perhaps you've heard of it. Run by the mistress of souls, Zeriara, a lioness of my © and creation. As you know, there can be only one Zer.
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