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12:02 Wed 2/24/2016
coming by to say you're a great artist (you already heard me say this before though ^^)
and do keep it up :)

edit: btw, as for the trade thing, I sent an email a few days ago ^w^

18:16 Tue 6/30/2009
Twilight Vampire
I have always wanted to put pictures in my artists comments box, but i never knew how to.
Can you help me?

01:31 Mon 6/8/2009
Heya Zentina, i remeber you commenting me a while back telling me about the chars i now own, Dakinad and Pippin... just thought I'd let you know I'm adopting them out, seeing as they don't get the love they deserve with me, and if you would like them back you have first reference :) they'll be on the TT as soon as i draw a suitable pic of them

edit: ^_^ they are up right now

14:51 Sun 1/4/2009
wow ur art is amazing, i can tbelieve i havent faved u befor!!!
pop by me sometime maybe?
*faves u*

03:12 Sat 5/31/2008
hey there!

Saw your newest upload on the main page and thought it looked pretty spiffy, so decided to check out yer gallery =]

Lovely art you have here, i really like your colouring style ^-^

Imma fave you =]


23:08 Wed 2/21/2007
Hello :D i saw your characters up for adopt (Dakinad and Pippin) im making a pic of them, but school is kind of hard right now, ill make one as soon as i can :D

10:36 Sun 2/18/2007
I was looking on the Trading Tree and i saw them. The characters Dakinad and Pippin that you have put up.

and I LOVE them ^^
i want to draw them...but im busy at the moment...but im going to try very hard to send a piccy to you. I know im not the best artist....but i hope you look at me and even though im not a super give me a chance in the running ^^;
And BTW- wonderful art! AOTM material 8)

11:31 Wed 8/23/2006
heya =D awesome art here! 8O 8D keep it up up UP!! 8DDD
*huggles* maybe could ya drop a comment by me? =3

-Maq. ^^

20:01 Wed 4/19/2006
comment # 90! your pictures are awsome! your very talented!

08:02 Wed 4/12/2006
I really love your art! Keep drawing! Wonderful style and colors!

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