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Hey feel free to comment some of my art i really like when people do ^^
Updated: 2016-09-10 20:07:51.0
2017-06-27 13:38:58.0
Adult designs for my boys
1500 x 1388
99.6611328125 KB
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2017-06-26 23:46:19.0
Felt like playing around in TLK style for a sketch
991 x 716
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2017-05-05 13:26:26.0
I adore the Steven Universe background style so I had to add it into this picture of my boys.
600 x 514
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2017-02-14 05:57:35.0
Practicing animation
1280 x 720
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Animated GIF
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2017-01-22 11:32:03.0
Icon I made of my lioden king, I love his design.
460 x 460
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2016-12-20 01:52:29.0
A lovely collab I did with another artist on instagram. they did a sketch and I lined and colored it.
443 x 456
73.5263671875 KB
2016-11-10 23:57:17.0
A trade with someone over on instagram.
500 x 357
86.6337890625 KB
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2016-10-29 19:15:45.0
Quick warm up doodle
1103 x 741
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2016-09-11 20:16:37.0
This song is perfect for Mouflon and his backstory

Mouflon grew up on a farm and decided to move into the city as a young teen. Unable to find work, he was tricked into an illegal fighting ring, that had its competitors fight to the death. Mouflon's life changes in this picture because this is the moment he meets gang leader Flaw Jones and is offered a job. Mouflon's reply is along the lines of this song, he doesn't want the pain of countless fights and killing others but it might just be the only thing he is good at. Mouflon does eventually accept Flaw's offer and becomes the strongest member of Flaw's organization.
800 x 500
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2016-09-09 11:25:53.0
I love all these site updates and I will make an effort to upload here more often. TLKFAA is my home, it fostered my love of animals and encouraged me to learn to draw. It has shaped my life, the artists on this site inspired me to draw throughout my middle school days, which lead to me going to an art high school. I have met my life long friends at that school and got amazing formal training. And now I am in college with an Art Bio double major and am planning on becoming a vet or going into imaging science. TLKFAA was a turning point in my life and I don't know where I would be without it. Thank You so much.
451 x 700
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2016-09-09 11:12:01.0
My two sonas hanging out. I love these guys so much, they might be my favorite characters so far.
700 x 439
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2016-09-09 11:04:34.0
A more galactic Mufasa. It was actually a part of an artfight but I'm still figuring out how to use all the new features on the site.
200 x 150
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2016-04-26 23:04:18.0
This is my fursona Acil :D I love his design
1787 x 1159
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Color PNG
2016-04-26 01:45:10.0
I'm back and I bring references!
1787 x 1159
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Color PNG
2015-09-20 02:15:09.0
i took a liking to this little guy on the TT so this is my drawing for him.
I liked how the file name for him was wavespirit so I think the name Wave fits him well or maybe something a bit longer like Waiver or Waverly.
672 x 647
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Color JPEG
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2015-06-13 02:16:48.0
part of an art trade with a person on dA
421 x 805
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2015-06-12 16:01:25.0
Thought I should try out for the site's contest. So I drew Nuka with my left hand! Super fun experience.
414 x 295
122.43359375 KB
Color JPEG
2015-06-12 12:24:29.0
I've been taking the time to look back on my beginnings a lot recently and this is one of the piece's that resulted from it.
This is Raven the fursona of the AlbinoRaven666, I admired and looked up to her alot when I first started drawing here. When I first started drawing my goal was to draw as well as her, and now 5 year since then, I have grown so much. I love where I am at and I can't wait to see where I will be in another 5 years.
Thanks AlbinoRaven
584 x 478
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