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About Me: Hi, im Yorkko. I'm very friendly and i love to talk to people. So please, feel free to chat. I love pizza! My fav. topping is ham. Yes, thats right, ham ^^. My favorite movie is The Lion King (of course) and The Golden Compass. my favorite animals are lions, tigers, bears(oh my! X3), and wolves! In my spare time Im ether drawing or playing with my dog. I love Saturday Night Live! Personally, its the bestist show eva! My room is jungle themed...big cats EVERY whare! I have A schnoodle, which is a cross between a schnozer and a poodle, and A guinea pig!

Art Programs: Well, Photoshop CS3 is on my wish list, but for now Im stuck with MS Paint and Crayola Art Studio (hey, it was on sale! XD)

TLK: I LOVE The Lion King! I have watched it every night sence I was 7. I not very good at drawing Lions(:(), but nether the less, TLK fanart pictures inspired me! So now I am deticated. When I first found this site, I was astonished at the huge family tree there was that I had missed by jest watching the movie! Oh no, you cant do that here. You MUST know every character and every story! (im not beeing sarcastic about this!)

I know that wasnt much of a description, but now you know more about me =^.^=

Current Project: Find out which Lion King character is my fav!
Update:Im leaning twords the hole Tojo's pride/family thing for a main piccy idea. It seems no one has done his whole generation yet, so it could work.
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