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<p>Helllllo, welcome to my gallery. My fursona is a black and white wolf, going by the name of WolfySilver. I'm from the little land of England! Woo.
<p><b>Fun Links</b><p>
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<p><a href="">My Art at DeviantArt (lol)</a>
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<p>Yeh well, I'll stop boring you now. xP
<p> <b>- WolfySilver</b>
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<p>Thanks to Keesha, Aku, Miaor, Valkiria, Paws and Ice! :D
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Joined Before Feb 18 1999
First Upload Oct 1, 2003
Latest Upload Apr 13, 2015
Age/Birthday Apr 30, 1987 (age 31)
Gender Female
Location UK
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I uploaded my first piece of art in 2001 on the 27th of April!

I live in England and like to paint. I usually work in traditional media these days.
I do take commissions both digitally and traditionally. I also sell art and pendants on Etsy:

I am a rat-addict!
86 roars

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