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Alright, First HI everyone out in cyber space! Second thank you for looking at my art, comments and suggestions are welcome. I am an old school artist, I like the feel of the pen in my hand, and when I say pen I mean a quill pen. When I go to work I open my jar of ink and dip in. I call it emersion-art! I was trained by an old school illustrationest. So what does that mean, in mean all this is new to me, I hope to start playing with coloring my pics on my computer but pen and brush are my forte. So please be understanding, my art takes time, which I have little of. Other than that enjoy.

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Ok so I Finally have the time and nerve to join this sight now I have to tell you all who I am. I am Wolfhound, (the most beautiful dogs in the world) I have been wolfhound, the ex_wolfhound, and just plain wolf. Then there in Mertat, that’s “Me the cat” all squish up. But mostly I am just me a lioness of 3 beautiful cubs, with the funniest lion who ever started a family. So what does that mean? It means I have zero time to do this, I have to sneak a few moments here and there but my art is my soul, an expression of me so I have to do it. Now I have to share it, so please be kind to my soul it’s me on paper. Someone once told me that art is what make you happy or what makes you stop and think. My art make me happy that’s all that really matters if it make you happy to then my gift is truly blessed. Thank for looking at me and thanks for letting me be part of this universe.
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