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Wolf 777

Hello everyone Wolf 777 here ;) welcome to my gallery, feel free to look around :) i don't bite much lol! XD

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12:10 Sun 4/15/2018
16:30 Wed 4/11/2018
20:12 Fri 3/30/2018
19:19 Fri 3/23/2018
19:49 Thu 3/15/2018
09:40 Sat 3/10/2018
08:07 Fri 3/2/2018
19:50 Thu 2/22/2018
11:12 Sun 1/28/2018

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Joined Feb 7, 2009
First Upload Feb 10, 2009
Latest Upload Apr 15, 2018
Age/Birthday 22
Gender Male
Location A Fantasy World
Occupation Relaxing and listening to Heavy Metal
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hey guys Wolf 777 here i love art and i also love heavy metal xD i hope you like my pics ;)

14:21 Wed 5/18/2016
i already have characters ^-^ u can pick any of them from here and draw :D? please? this are my lion characters

12:58 Wed 12/2/2015
hi there! :D
how you doing? :3

19:41 Tue 11/24/2015
Midnight Darky 22
Hello! Thanks for the comment on my profile. :3 Really appreciated it!! :)

18:50 Fri 6/5/2015
Hello there, nice gallery you have! keep them coming and as I promised, totally faving you. :)

Edit: Hey, would you like to trade? :)
Edit2: You can draw anything for me. :)
And what can I draw for you?
Edit3: Ok, I'll draw them for you :)

14:43 Thu 1/29/2015
Rixen 13
Sorry wolf 777. I accidentally deleted my comment. I wanted you to draw me rixen. What would you like me to draw for you?

Edit: thank you! And I shall draw Deigo for you.

16:56 Sun 12/21/2014
Edit: ....I forgot to add you to the faves. Oops!

And Happy holidays.:)


Hi lovely, I saw your picture that you posted up on the main page and thought to have a look at the rest of your art. I didn't realise that I had commented a few years ago (on my old account), although my sentiment still stands.;) You've certainly got an unique style and looking at them it makes me smile, so thanks for that. =)

13:43 Wed 7/30/2014
Thank you!!! My first fan!!!! *hugs and gives them six cookies*

23:41 Thu 6/26/2014
Hey Wolf 777! Huzuni here and I want you to check out my gallery sometime! I'm posting new pics, but they are going to be pretty bad the way they'll come out because I have to draw by hand (which is a whole lot better than drawing on computer by mouse because that makes it worse). I have to take pictures on my tablet, and it's hard because it only has a front view camera, but it's worth it. Good artwork so far! Keep it up!

— Huzuni
Edit: That gift of Johna that I did for you long ago, it's been finished ever since 2013.

17:29 Tue 6/24/2014
Thanks for the fan and the comment, dude! Appreciate it. ^o^

14:20 Sun 3/30/2014
Hi Wolf 777, I like your art they're very good. Thank You for all the nice comments you sent me on my page, much appreciated. Keep up the good work :)


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