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Hello all! (Or rather, few XD.) Thanks for taking the time to glance at my stuff!

If anyone has any good tips for me to improve my stuffs (especially backgrounds!) Please feel free to leave a comment! I want to hear any advice you may have to offer!!! :D

Art Trades: open (one who asks draws first)
Requests: closed
***specify as digital/traditional and sketch/full(color, shading, etc)***



Owe from: Prizzle, Wild Kelly Kat
Updated: 2016-07-29 11:31:09.0
2016-08-27 18:25:24.0
Slowly getting used to this alien thing called pen-pressure XD
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2016-02-16 13:50:47.0
Yo, it's been a while since I drew anything I could put up here ^^, How is everybody?
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2015-01-12 19:40:44.0
So...Praxidike got his leg messed up in an attack.
Is that going to stop him from going to rescue his friends (and the cat he fancies) on the upcoming counter-strike?

I've been experimenting with more...paint-y digital painting lately, hence the different looking bg. I /might/ be having a little too much fun.
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2014-10-14 14:12:51.0
'Hasn't been much time for digital art lately, but I was able to pull this together in the few minutes between classes :) Pretty sizeable improvement from the first one, though I might have to keep toying with drawing fabrics :'D
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2014-08-16 20:47:39.0
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2014-05-31 17:40:47.0
Goodness Sketcher, after two months it feels good to play with you again.

~3.5 hours
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2014-04-13 12:44:07.0
This was a commission for someone on dA of their tabby tiger, Scion (the closer cat) and his brother, Thanatos (the melanistic tiger).
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2014-03-01 12:04:32.0
Crazy angles and colored lighting...
It's so much fun to play.
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2013-12-23 20:08:17.0
Happy Holidays, 'archive!
~Willow and Kivuli

(She's huge, probably just short of 6' from ground level to nose-tip and a little big in the bum and shoulders, but I love her ^_^)
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2013-11-27 13:16:04.0
Hm...I need to work on looking-up poses more...
Yay cheetahs!
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2013-08-08 19:05:33.0
(For the contest)
Scar started out so sinister in the movie: tricking Simba into a trap with his hyenas in the Elephant Graveyard, orchestrating the murder of his older brother to take the throne...but once he got what he wanted, he lost a lot of that sinister, scheming self. After Mufasa's death, he should have been unsatisfied with merely taking the Pridelands, and he should have been a much more sinister villain rather than the coward that fled from the fight with Simba.

Edit 8/20: Woah...what?! Wow...thank you so much for first guys!
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2013-06-21 22:41:06.0
Ah, the brightest sparks come after doubt <D
Praxidike (the cheetah cub) doing some rock-climbing with Tiberius (the snow leopard)
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2013-06-14 18:21:07.0
Taking a break from artistic projects etc to just draw and see what came of it. It's been a while, Kivuli ^_^
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2013-04-06 14:49:36.0
Getting better at backgrounds and perspectives ;u; So happy....
A little Eumenide, waiting under the Old Oak.
(slightly better quality version on dA)
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2013-01-23 22:38:54.0
Looking out over the Pridelands, Simba flashed a smile before rushing back into the den to wake his father.
'Just felt like drawing the moment before Simba's first line with a different perspective. I did reference the colors from that scene and the positioning of various landmarks off of the "light touches" scene.
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2013-01-18 22:41:11.0
After a week of struggling with contest entries and the like, I stopped to just play with perspectives again kicked the rest of the weeks' butt.
Go spontaneous moments of inspiration.
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2012-11-03 17:43:41.0
Atreus again.
Finally breaking art-block :)

***Critiques pleaase!!!!***
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2012-08-18 22:51:03.0
Libby, I think you need this ^_^
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2012-08-14 22:19:17.0
"If only, if only" the woodpecker sighs,
"the bark on this tree was softer...."
the wolf waits below, howling to the moon!
If only, if only..."
~Holes, Louis Sachar

So, this started out as a perspective/pose test but evolved into a... well, everything practice. I learned two things from this piece:
1) I am much better at night scenes than day
2) Although I still can't draw rocks, I can draw trees

(Critique contest: O.O I tied for 3rd?!?!?! with Blazing_Black_Mage?!?!?! Thank you soooo much guys!!!!)
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2012-08-01 22:18:02.0
Finally, my side of the trade with Duskfeather. I'm sorry that it took so long Dusk; even with repeat attempts the rock is still terrible and the diminution is a little off, but I worked hard on it!
Critiques are more than welcome!
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2012-06-14 19:13:53.0
As added inclination to work on bgs, I decided to make it a gift.
Thank you, Firestar, for being such an inspiration to so many of the artists both here and on deviantart. Your professional-looking work is always a wonder to see and the beautiful array of animals you draw entertaining.
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2012-03-18 21:08:54.0
I saw the newest trailer for KH3D last night...I'm so excited, and I couldn't resist the chance to practice so many of my fail-points at once XD
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2012-02-26 21:21:22.0
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2012-02-18 12:44:06.0
Well, today I've been on the 'archive for six months (and what a difference so little time has made!).
Shortly after joining I got the usual college-rule for school notes and discovered I had a section more in it than I needed. These are a few of the better sketches that now cover approximately 8 pages of 9"X11" notebook paper. (Oldest to newest, top left to bottom right)
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2011-12-31 18:12:30.0
Probably the last pic of 2011 for me...
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2011-12-05 16:25:57.0
I thought I would make a quick return to fur for a little vent-ish art. There may be a couple of these because I lost my cat of 9 years Friday... This is just Kivuli telling him how much I love him. Don't worry, I have a few funny, holiday-related pics coming too >:D
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2011-11-05 11:12:58.0
For the contest.
When Sarabi was away hunting with the lionesses, and Mufasa was out on patrol kicking hyena butt, who do you think was left to watch little Simba? There's a lot of mischief you can get into when you're a baby cub in the Shaman's house...
Edit: 5th! Muchos gracias peoples! :3
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2011-10-29 18:58:01.0
Because I don't know that I'll be able to get on on Monday...
Happy Hallow's Eve (/All Saints Day)!
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2011-10-18 22:08:49.0
I had a half hour in sketcher to do this, and I think it turned out really well for that :D
This was heavily influenced by the best picture book out there (arguably): Katuran Odyssey, a 180+ page book about a young ring-tailled lemur who travels in search of "others like [him]". At one point he rides a seaturtle. In this, it's supposed to be Simba.
585 x 572
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2011-10-13 16:51:59.0
My hand has decided to rebel, so I can't draw good lions at the moment... so I fought back :D
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2011-10-08 11:43:51.0
Oh no! It's.... the infamous artblock!!!!
I had so much fun making this >:)
I figured to keep on-topic (and because this IS the Lion King fan art archive) I would turn this deadly affliction into Simba.
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2011-09-29 20:02:59.0
A sketch I did in sketcher of Kivuli and Ariana.
461 x 336
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2011-09-24 10:36:52.0
Just a cool eye from sketcher.
277 x 530
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2011-09-23 23:05:53.0
A colored and furred picture of Connor.
552 x 651
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2011-09-20 21:11:17.0
I finally found fur that suits Kivuli! This started out as a test of a new style (left), but then I decided to color her more gray than I usually do which eventually led to me wanting to try fur one more time. I kind of like the silvery tone the shading gave her.
912 x 579
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2011-09-13 20:39:13.0
A Mother's Tears
I really like how this one turned out. I don't think Kopa would want Nala to cry, do you?

Edit: Whoa, 5th place?!? O.O Thank you guys!!! :D
628 x 661
38.9462890625 KB
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2011-08-26 07:38:42.0
Kivuli playing guniea pig for me as I tried a different method of shading in sketcher. I must say, she turned out way better than I expected. :)
563 x 459
147.060546875 KB
Color PNG
2011-08-25 08:19:24.0
A flaming Ethiopian wolf. I got the idea when looking at their coloration. I'm not completely satisfied with the coloring, but I like how the flames turned out.
517 x 568
32.076171875 KB
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2011-08-24 07:05:39.0
The foxish leopard cheetah thing in color ^_^
472 x 502
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2011-08-24 07:03:57.0
Whoo! Day 2 working with sketcher, practicing using the layers.
It's some sort of leopard, cheetah... thing.
464 x 497
26.466796875 KB
Grayscale JPEG
2011-08-18 11:56:03.0
I'm still introducing myself to the scanner... for some reason it read the color on the sticky, but not in the eyes 0_0. Anyway, my fursona: Kivuli.
Mechanical pencil with eye touch-ups in corel.
560 x 590
44.703125 KB
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