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Hey guys! I'm Vitina! Haven't been on here in forever haha. But exspect some more from me!
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July 11, 2010, 7:12 p.m.
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Hey people! So i havent been on here in like 2 years XP So im trying to comeback as much as possible. So exspect some stuff for me!

23:37 Mon 12/6/2010
hello :D u asked me to create u a fursona a while ago,i was wundering if u still needed me to?

09:54 Thu 8/26/2010
King Sabre Tooth
here is the story to go with my art trade pic, it wouldn't fit anywhere else! :)

Neoni set off to find her boyfriend, Lobo. Her best friend, Bara had walked off without having any dinner, even though it was her favourite meat prey animal. Bara was jealous of Neoni because Neoni had Lobo. Sighing with impatience, Neoni set off up the mountain after her future mate.
Bara stared bitterly up at the sky. I’m as pretty as she is! Why won’t Lobo be my mate!? She thought angrily. Suddenly she heard a voice.
“Bara?” it asked, concerned.
It was hard enough to pretend to be ok with Neoni being mates with her biggest crush but in her own special place?!
Lobo sat down beside her. Bara kept quiet.
They began talking. Lobo’s private thoughts crept into the conversation.
“Neoni is a bit boring, I mean, I like her, but not as much as you!” he explained nervously. Whipping round to face him, she stared into his wonderful blue eyes. He stared back, and started leaning towards her. Closing her eyes in happiness, she leaned towards him as well. They met. Lobo’s paw snaked down and gripped hers. For a second they were in a blissful world of their own, the sunset behind them, everything was perfect.
Neoni reached Bara’s special place. Clambering up, she froze in utter horror. Locked in a heavenly moment were her mate and her friend Bara. Neoni’s claws shot out and with a furious roar she leapt forward and bellowed furiously,

edit: since i was the only one who entered your qym contest, does that mean i one first prize!!! if i did, just tell me and i'll chose the chars i want! since i won your contest, can i have a pic of koda, kota and elezain? yes please!!! i saw your bulliten. i really want to be a co owner of the esprees. i was actually going to ask you if you wanted me to make up any esprees for you, but i didn't do it. please please can i be the co owner?!!!! i promise i will follow all the ruules and you can tell me if i make any mistaks and stuff.
you know your EWT fire male from LadyAngel, im hopefully getitng one too, and maybe we could do a collab with them both? i can't go on sketcher, so if you want to, just email me yours and i'll email the pic back with my charrie in :D

13:36 Sun 8/15/2010
Hey I saw your bulletin ^^ I just wanted to say, I have a medium, silver (The silver part doesn't matter xD) Bamboo tablet just like Mad Dog, And It's pretty awesome :D I love it so much, and I would really suggest that one along with Maddie ^^

Edit: Hey can you except the Flooger adoptable you got on the TT?

07:44 Tue 8/3/2010
wow you are amazing at drawing and i love your gallery.

00:05 Thu 7/29/2010
What's the difference between a lion with psychic powers, and Espree's? I don't mean to sound rude. I'm just curious...

21:52 Fri 7/23/2010
On your icon , did you want male or female? Thanx

14:50 Wed 7/21/2010
hi Vitani459! i saw you wanted to adopt a lion cub from here-->
just draw the adoptable you want, and send it to my art trade/ requests folder-thingy ^^


EDIT: haha, its fine! just send it 2 my art trades/requests :D

EDIT: Hey Vitina! ^_^ i just wanted to tell you that got Zachora, im sorry :( but if you'd like, i could totally make another character for you? :D

EDIT: nope! no problem! just tell me what you'd like ^^

EDIT: alright!!! XD

11:40 Wed 7/21/2010
Hey Vitina, I just want to ask you if you want to do a art trade with me

Edit:Could you do one of Zira and my Character Mia

Edit:Sure No problem

04:39 Tue 7/20/2010
Good work. Keep it up!

12:19 Mon 7/19/2010
Hey there! I love your gallery. It's so colorful! Would you mind if I drew your character Kiburi sometime?

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